From 2014 to 2020, I worked as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) and Reader for UC Berkeley's Department of German and Programs in Dutch Studies and Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies. The following is a comprehensive list of the courses I've taught at UC Berkeley; syllabi for courses marked with an (*) are of my own design. 

Spring 2020: German R5B – "What is Modern German Literature?" Writing Seminar (GSI)* 

Fall 2019: German R5A – "Berlin: Making a Modern City" Writing Seminar (GSI) *

Summer 2019: UGIS W158 – "Global Citizenship" (GSI)
Summer & Spring 2018: German R5B – "What is Modern German Literature?" Writing Seminar (GSI)*

Fall 2017: German R5A – "Untranslatables" Writing Seminar (GSI)*
Summer 2017: UGIS W158 – "Global Citizenship" (GSI)
Spring 2017: German R5B – "Intro to Modern German Literature" Writing Seminar (GSI)*
Fall 2016: German R5A – "Freedom and Human Dignity" Writing Seminar (GSI)*

Fall 2015, Spring & Summer 2016: German 4 – "Intermediate German 2" (GSI)

Spring 2015: German 2 - "Elementary German 2" (GSI)

Fall 2014: Dutch 171AC – "From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherlands" (Reader)

Fall 2014: German 1 – "Elementary German 1" (GSI)

In Spring 2017, I was awarded the Outstanding GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) Award through a combination of student and faculty recommendations.

From 2009 to 2012, I worked full-time as an English as a Foreign Language teacher at the F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg, Germany, instructing all ages of students and all proficiency levels, as well as teaching preparatory classes for university entrance and language proficiency exams.

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A career in academia is hardly a cakewalk, and access to higher education in the United States is rarely accessible to as wide of an audience as one might hope. I've been lucky enough to take part in a number of truly egalitarian projects promoting open-access education and the free flow of information across languages and national borders.

As former managing editor for UC Berkeley's TRANSIT Journal I've had the unique responsibility of overseeing the publication of two volumes (four issues [10.1-11.2]) of this unique academic journal: combining historical, literary, film, and language research with literature, translation, and multimedia projects from scholars and artists around the world.


I remain committed to ensuring that my research and scholarship remain accessible to as many interested parties as possible. This page is still a work in progress. Please bear with me as I endeavor to provide free and open access to my personal research in a manner which continues to ensure the security of my intellectual property.

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